Spectrum Management and COSPAR: Keeping Passive Radio Observations Free of Interference.

IUCAf organised a special session (E110) at the 37th COSPAR Scientifc Assembly, held in Montreal, Canand, 13-20 July 2008.

A detailed program, with links to the abstracts, can be viewed at COSPAR-08_E110_program.pdf.


Wim van Driel IUCAF and spectrum management: working to keep our radio windows on the Universe clean.
Masatoshi Ohishi Protection of Space-based observations and the International Telecommunications Union (ITU)
Jeffrey Piepmeier Usage and protection of the earth exploration satellite service.
Yasuhiro Murata (the ASTRO-G Project team) Mext Space VLBI mission, ASTRO-G (VSOP-2) and its spectrum management.
Tasso Tzioumis Radio Quiet Zones (RQZ) - Working with national communication administrations.
Ken Tapping Radio protection zone evaluation at the Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory.
Guilherme Simon da Rosa Radio quite site qualification for the Brasilan Southern Space Observatory by monitoring the low frequency 10-240 MHz Electromagnetic Spectrum.
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