ALMA Visit
IUCAF 4th School on Spectrum Management for Radio Astronomy

An optional visit to the ALMA Telescope following the workshop is planned for participants, leaving Santiago de Chile on the afternoon of Friday, April 11 and returning to Santiago on Sunday, April 13. This visit requires flying to the town of Calama, Chile, and two nights of stay at the town of San Pedro de Atacama, implying an extra expense estimated to be about US$ 1 000. The LOC will facilitate arrangements for the visit, but no financial support will be provided for this purpose to participants.

Due to the height of the ALMA Observatory (over 5,000 m above sea level) the visit is not advisable for persons, unless they are in good health. Participants should obtain a medical exam prior to the visit.
From the ALMA website:
The high site of ALMA (Chajnantor, 5,000m) has some significant safety constraints. Visitors are required to participate in a paramedic medical check-up (blood pressure, blood oxygen level) at the OSF (Operations Support Facility, 2,900m). Those who do not pass the test will not be allowed to continue to Chajnantor. Additionally, visitors must sign an acknowledgement and release form before being escorted to Chajnantor. Detailed information about high altitude health issues can be found at the ALMA High Altitude Fact Sheet.

Travelling and accommodation

Participants wishing to visit ALMA on April 12 will need to:

1) Flights

Purchase a Santiago de Chile (Code:SCL) to Calama (Code:CJC) airline ticket from LAN Chile, leaving on Friday, April 11. Please purchase your ticket for
LAN 346 (leaves Santiago 3:35 PM ; arrives in Calama 5:45 PM

or (only if above is not available):
LAN 154 (leaves Santiago 4:00 PM; arrives Calama 6:10 PM)

The price of round trip tickets at this time is US $ 417.44

The recommended return flight is LAN 151 (leaves 10:30 AM; arrives at Santiago 12:35 PM - Flight time:2h 05 mins.)

2) Hotel in San Pedro

The school has secured lodging at a favored rate at the Casa de Atacama Hotel in San Pedro de Atacama. The rate is US$ 205 (single standard ; only 6 rooms available) or $ US260 (Suite). This price includes buffet breakfast, and access to Spa, sauna and pool.
A VAT of 19% is payable if you are paying in CLP. Payments in US$ or via credit cards are exempt and you can ask for an exportation invoice.

To make your reservation, please send an e-mail to: with the following information:
* Name and surname of ALL travellers,
* Nationality and Passport number for all ALMA visitors
* Type of lodging desired (Standard - or Suite)

Unless otherwise indicated, arrival and departure dates will be April 11 and April 13 respectively. Cancellations are accepted until February 27 only. At this date, rooms will be released as otherwise the organizing committee will be responsible for payment.

Transportation from Calama airport to San Pedro will be by a group arrangement or through the hotel and may be at an additional cost.
There may be some additional cost for transportation to the ALMA site.

The organizing committee will notify the participants in the visit by e-mail of this and any other arrangement that are needed.

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Last updated: 18 February, 2014