Spectrum Management for Radio Astronomy
Proceedings of the IUCAF Summer School, Green Bank
editors: B.M. Lewis & Darrel Emerson

This material is published in "Spectrum Management for Radio Astronomy: proceedings of the IUCAF summer school held at Green Bank, West Virginia, June 9-14, 2002," Eds. B.M.Lewis & D.T. Emerson. Charlottesville, Virginia: Natiional Radio Astronomy Observatory, 2004. ISBN 0970041102

** Full proceedings (large 50MB PDF file)

** Individual chapters (PDF files)

Introduction to the Summer School, Tomas Gergely

Conceptual Background to Radio, John Ponsonby

Units and Calculations - Using Decibels, Mike Davis

On 2 % Monte-Carlo, John Ponsonby

Propagation Models, Darrel Emerson & Murray Lewis

Components of Radio Receivers, Roger Norrod

Regulatory Structure of U.S. Radiocommunications, Tomas Gergely

European Frequency Management and the role of CRAF for Radio Astronomy, Wim van Driel & Titus Spoelstra

Radio Spectrum Management in the Asia-Pacific Region, Tasso Tzioumis

IUCAF, Darrel Emerson

The ITU Structure and the ITU Study Groups, Masatoshi Ohishi

World Radiocommunication Conferences, Tomas Gergely

ITU-R Recommendations of Particular Importance to Radio Astronomy, Richard Thompson

Notification of Radio Astronomy Stations within the ITU, Eddie Davison

Satellite Coordination, Jim Cohen

Iridium and Radio Astronomy in Europe, Jim Cohen

GLONASS and Radio Astronomy, Jim Cohen

Interference in VLBI Observations, Jonathan Romney

Mitigation Techniques, Mitigation Factors, Klaus Ruf

RFI Propagation Paths, Richard Fisher

RFI Mitigation with the time-frequency robust statistical analysis, Peter Fridman

An RFI Mitigation Strategy for the Allen Telescope Array, Geoffrey Bower

The National Radio Quiet Zone, Wes Sizemore & Jeff Acree

Radio-Quiet Zones, Jim Cohen

Monitoring EMI and the radio spectrum in Europe, Titus Spoelstra

The Omnidirectional RFI Monitoring System of the GMRT, Shubhendu Joardar

RFI Mitigation / Excision Techniques, Anish Roshi

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